Rehearsal Space Calgary

Look for a Band Rehearsal Space in Calgary? We run Skunkworks Studio.

Skunkworks Studio is a part of Skunkworks Distillery

Skunkworks studio is a three-room professionally built studio. The location and soundproofing allow us to organize studio sessions and band rehearsals pretty much any time.

The room’s interior is also set up to make artists and bands feel right at home. The internal sound treatment allows for full band rehearsals and recordings.

Also unlike some of the other rehearsal spaces in Calgary, we don’t rent the room based on how many people are in the room.

Also if you are looking for a recording studio in Calgary we also have a page about recording at the studio.

Pricing – Currently the room rents for $30 per hour.

BOOKING – to book email me or call me

Rehearsal space calgary
Quality Gear

Band Rehearsals and Gear

The pictures of the space don’t have all of the up to date gear that is available at the space.

Drums – Pearl Custom Silver Sparkle – 4pc
Bass Amp – Fender Rumble 800 Combo Amp
Guitar Amp – Vox AD100VT
Guitar Amp – Traynor YGL1 – 15 Watt Tube Amp – Celestion Green Back

Behringer X1832USB Premium 18-Input 3/2-Bus Mixer, 24-Bit Multi-FX Processor
4 x Monitors
3 – SM58 Vocal Mics
4 – Boom Stands

Various cables.

band gear drums and bass guitar

Contact us

Let us know if you are interested in booking the room for a rehearsal.
You can also call Lucas at 403-993-4819 for more information.